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What is Snowbird Fest?

Snowbird Fest is a true festival event, trade show, expo, sometimes even a car show all packed into one! Snowbirds get FREE entertainment, as well as an opportunity to meet local area businesses to find lodging, get samples of their services and often delectable samples from local area restaurants as well. Past Snowbird Fests have featured RV Expos, Health & Fitness Expos, and Boating Expos - every year is different, from the entertainment to the attractions. Snowbirds enter raffles to win give-aways, are often involved in the shows put on by our entertainers, and every year features samples of fabulous local cuisine, as well as other art, retail sales, games, events and fun for everyone! It is our goal to thank our beloved Snowbirds for choosing our coasts to spend a part of their year to call our home their own & enjoy the Southern hospitality that comes along with our scenic coasts.

History of Snowbird Fests

Snowbird Fest is an annual event organized and produced, since 2012, by The Snowbird Company, the leader in rent-by-owner websites known as the 'American Snowbird Network', the Snowbird Company specializes in the snowbird demographic and their travel needs. The event is held annually on the Gulf Coast.