3rd Annual Snowbird Fest 2014 - Orange Beach Convention Center - Orange Beach, Alabama
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Snowbird Festival 2012



2014 Snowbird Fest Exhibitor Pre-Registration

Feb.1, 2014
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.*
The Hall at St.John's
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The 2014 Snowbird Fest Jan.11, in Orange Beach, AL was the most productive to date, and 2014's East Coast Festival in South Carolina promises to be even more successful. As the event grows, exhibitor space becomes more limited, requiring The Snowbird Company to restrict the number of booths available. The Snowbird Company is currently accepting pre-registration forms for both title sponsorships and vendor booth registrations.

2014 Planning & Snowbird Data

  • 2013 & 2014 expos were attended by more than 2,000 snowbirds
  • 95 percent said they will return to vacation in the same area next year!
  • 98 percent will be in the area in January. The Snowbird Fest is strategically planned for early January and February, to give exhibitors maximum ROI on their participation.
  • More than 40 percent plan to vacation in the same area, for more than three months in next year. Marketing to them in in early January, or early February, provides optimal income opportunities.
  • Most snowbirds will choose their accommodations for the subsequent year while they are enjoying their current winter vacation. Snowbird Fest offers the prime opportunity for rental management companies to market to a captive audience.


Vendor Booth Pre-Registration Rates - East Coast Festival in Myrtle Beach:
Add $25 for electricity

Vendor Booth Pre-Registration Rates
Add $25 for electricity

    Discounted 'Early Bird' by Jan.4, 2014:   Normal Vendor Registration Rate Jan.5-27:   Late Registration Jan.28-Feb.1:
Single Booth (10x10) $185   $200   $250
Double Booth (10x20) $350   $375   $425
Triple Booth
$515   $550   $595

Snowbird Fest EAST COAST: Exhibitors Sign-Up:


The annual Snowbird Fest is produced by The Snowbird Company, the largest conglomeration of rent-by-owner websites targeting winter travelers. Marketing opportunities include online, print and event advertising.  These advertising opportunities facilitate your need to fill vacation rental properties during the off season. 

Why Market to Snowbirds?

Winter travelers occupy your vacation rental properties during the off season, ensuring rental income is generated not only during the summer season, but during winter as well. Our research shows the following:

    Nearly half of all snowbirds will vacation for three months, generating long-term winter income for property owners.

    Ninety-eight percent of snowbirds will vacation during January with 92% still vacationing in February and 58% extending their trips through March. Thirty percent begin their travels in December.

    Property Managers: More than 30% of last year's snowbirds told us they are spending between $1200 to $1,499 on rent per month, with nearly 20% of snowbirds spending over $1,500 a month.

    Almost 50% of winter travelers found their rental on rent-by-owner sites, like AlabamaSnowbird.com, AmericanSnowbird.com & others.


Advertise your rental property online with The Snowbird Company on our network of 18 rent-by-owner websites for one, low price and access more features and unique offerings than other rent-by-owner sites. Property managers and individual owners alike are invited to participate in our network. (Insert link to sign-up page) Some of the features offered include:

    Unique Titles: The ability to add unique titles on multiple websites gives you flexibility in promoting specific amenities and specials with a few simple clicks.

    Niche Marketing: Integration with The Snowbird Company’s sister company, CLEARLe.com, allows you to manage units on multiple sites through one admin panel.

    Multi-Month Incentives: Most owners prefer multi-month renters over single-month renters. Offer an incentive such as a discounted rate for multi-month bookings.

    Monthly Rate Listings: Let potential renters know if rates are the same for each month or if the rates vary.

    Availability Calendar: The new calendar offers ‘at-a-glance’ vacancies. Make booking easy on potential renters by utilizing the calendar.

    Upgraded software prevents 99.9 percent of spam, allowing you to receive genuine leads.

In addition to our online listings, banner ads and digital display ads are also available on our network of snowbird websites, starting at starting at reasonable monthly rates. These ads are ideal for property managers or even individual owners looking for more marketing opportunities.


The Snowbird Newsletter is printed by The Snowbird Company and is distributed at trade shows, as well as newsstands. The newsletter contains a complete listing of all our winter vacation rentals across the entire snowbird online network. In addition, the newsletter contains stories and articles targeting the snowbird lifestyle. (Insert link to latest issue)

In addition to the vacation rental listings, display advertising is also available for as low as $65 per insertion. (Insert link to rate card)

Event Marketing

The annual Snowbird Fest provides the ideal setting for in-person networking for property owners and businesses targeting winter travelers. More than 2,000 snowbirds attend the annual event, which grows each year. Held at the onset of the season, it provides businesses a prime opportunity to market services available the length of a snowbird’s stay, insuring an exceptional return on investment. Space is limited, so register your booth today. (insert link to registration)

Questions: Call Paula Graf, 1.800.270.2457 with any questions.

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